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Tucker 4-H Club Info & Requirements

What is 4H?

In 4H, we believe in the power of young people. We see that every child has valuable strengths and real influence to improve the world around us. We are America’s largest youth development organization—empowering nearly six million young people across the U.S. with the skills to lead for a lifetime.


History of Tucker 4H

  • Began around 1935.

  • Met at what was known as the Tucker School (hence the club name) in the early years at Hwy C & V.

  • The first general leader was the Tucker School teacher. At that time it was typical for the school teacher to become the general leader.


Club Members

  • The members are the kids! (Parents/Guardians: Because 4-H is for families, we ask that parents/guardians stay during the meetings - your attendance is also important!)

  • Only the kids vote during meetings.


Club Meetings

  • Each member is required to attend 3/4 of the club meetings. 

  • Meetings are held the 2nd Monday each month at 7:00pm

    • September – May meetings are held at Gifford school.

    • June meeting is a picnic at the park in Franksville.

    • July meeting is also at the park in Franksville for Fair Tag pick-up.

    • August meeting is also at the park for record book drop-off.



  • Our main source of communication to Tucker families is through our monthly newsletter, the Tucker Times which we email the week prior to our General Club Meeting.

  • Email: We also send notices via email. Please diligently check your email.

  • Facebook: While Tucker does have a Facebook page, anything posted there has already been communicated via email/Tucker Times.


What’s the difference between club meetings and project meetings?

  • Club meetings are held to discuss general business about Tucker. 

  • It’s important to attend to learn information about upcoming events and project updates.

  • Project meetings are held for each individual project taken. These may take place at a leader’s home or another location.

  • These may begin at any time and sometimes don’t begin until after the 1st of the year or later.


What is a project?

  • 4-H members participate in projects where they are asked to accomplish a task, i.e., make something, develop a skill, raise and/or train an animal, etc. There are numerous projects available to 4-H members, including; foods, clothing, public speaking, models, aerospace, wood science, livestock, health, gardening, and photography.

  • 4-H members begin by exploring their interests. They may select one or more projects. 4-H projects are age-appropriate.


Are there age requirements for projects?

  • Yes. 4-H projects are age-appropriate. Please see the project page for more info or ask a General Leader.


How many projects can I take?

  • Under 3rd Grade = Cloverbud

  • 3rd grade = up to 2 (two) projects

  • After 3rd grade = up to 8 (eight) projects (this is a Tucker club rule, not a Racine County 4-H rule)


County project/club project

  • Some projects have leaders from our club that will guide.

  • Some projects have both club and county meetings.

  • Some projects are only county projects.

  • Please note there may be additional fees with some projects.


How is 4-H connected to the fair?

  • The Racine County Fair “invites” 4-H to show their projects at the fair. In return, we are expected to do fair building supervision and after fair clean-up. Everyone who shows animals helps set-up, care for animal & clean-up.


Do I have to show things at the fair?

  • Yes. If you sign up for a project but do not show at the fair, you will only be able to take the project again the following 4-H year if you show your project at a 4-H meeting.


What if I want to show something but I’m not part of that project?

  • You cannot show anything at the fair for a project you have not registered for as a 4-H member.

  • However, you may sign-up as “Open Class” to show the project.

  • You are more than welcome to sign up for that project the following year!


Requirements for Tucker 4-H

  • Enrollment Fees: $10 per member, plus $1 for insurance per child (total $11). 

    • Additional $1 for Horse Project.

    • Up to $30 per family

  • Buy a minimum of $30 worth of pancake breakfast tickets per family, which you can use for your family or resell. We encourage you to sell more tickets than the minimum amount.

  • Work at the Pancake Breakfast on the last Saturday in September.

  • Participate in the Racine County 4-H Fundraiser (Pizza and Flower Basket Sale) through either donation or selling of items).

  • Parent (guardian) must donate a MINIMUM of 2 hours of time to help out the club in an area, OTHER than the Pancake Breakfast.

  • Members must attend at least 3/4 of the General Meetings and 3/4 of Project Meetings held.

  • Members must exhibit at the Racine County Fair, or in some cases, pre-fair judging, whatever is expected of that project.

  • Member must turn in a Record Book the 3rd Monday in August at the Franksville Park.


Important Dates!

September registration: Takes place with Tucker at the September general meeting on the 2nd Monday in September. All members must also register online with county.

Pancake Breakfast: Traditionally held the 3rd Saturday of September at Swan’s Pumpkin Farm.

March 1st deadline 

This is the add/drop date

It is the club members responsibility to notify the enrollment coordinator if they are adding or dropping a project.


Fair registration: June 16th

Fair: Last week of July, first week of August

Record books: Due at the August meeting, 3rd week of August



Club: Pancake Breakfast

  • Each year Tucker holds a pancake breakfast fundraiser that takes place at Swan’s Pumpkin Farm on a Saturday near the end of September. Each member and parent is required to work at the breakfast.

  • Each family is required to buy $30 worth of tickets for pancake breakfast


County Fundraiser

  • Each year Racine County 4-H holds a fundraiser that each member is to either sell items or there is a cash buyout option. 

  • Takes place in the Spring.


Other Opportunities -- Watch the Tucker Times for more details

  • Communication Arts Festival - March

  • Summer Camps:

    • Day Camp

    • Base Camp

    • Adventure Camp

  • Space Camp - April

  • Cloverbud 4H Fun Day - Spring

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