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At its best, 4-H is a family affair. Parent involvement is one of the keys to a successful 4-H club.

It provides an ongoing base for club support, increases the opportunities for teaching and learning valuable life skills, and expands the potential for interesting and exciting 4-H programs. Active, involved, supportive parents mean active members, additional resources for leaders, a thriving 4-H program, and expanded support for a community’s youth development. Since the parent is traditionally the keeper of the family calendar, they may need to help keep the member aware of meetings, outings, and events.

Parent/guardian participation in 4-H results in the following benefits:

  • Family involvement in 4-H offers opportunities where both child and parent participate with common interest, strengthening family ties.

  • Active parent participation can strengthen and broaden the 4-H program in any local club or in any county.

  • When parental support is positive, a club or group is likely to become stronger, larger, and more active.

  • In clubs where parental support is evident, individual members receive more personal attention and guidance from leaders and parents.

  • Club activities and events will develop and expand with the additional support of parents. 4-H can have a positive influence on the lives of thousands of boys and girls. This happens when parents care enough to share their time, efforts, and talents.


As stated in the Tucker 4-H By-Laws & Constitution:

E.  Participation in the club’s and county’s annual fundraiser is mandatory.

F.  Family participation within the club of at least 2 hours is mandatory per 4-H year.  Participation in the club fundraiser does not satisfy this requirement.


Traditionally, Tucker 4-H Club has held a pancake breakfast in the fall. Adult family members and Tucker 4-H youth members are required to volunteer at this event. Typically this involves a 3 hour time slot with a job that could range from: cooking pancakes, cooking sausage, cutting desserts, wiping tables, etc.


Examples of ways to complete the 2 hours of mandatory participation:

  • Racine County fair 4-H Building supervision

  • Coordinate a club outing/event

  • Bring meeting snacks

  • Tucker website maintenance (work with adult & junior leaders for content)

  • Community service project point person (could include contacting organzation, purchasing any needed supplies, delivering collected items, etc)

  • Coordinate Christmas Caroling to Veterans home or Senior living facility

  • Coordinate club activity of creating cards for Veterans home or Senior living facility and deliver cards.

  • County fundraiser point of contact for Tucker

  • Coordinate club leader recognition 

  • Lead a project

There are many needs that may arise over the year which may not be listed. These would be sent out via email.

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