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At its best, 4-H is a family affair. Parent involvement is one of the keys to a successful 4-H club. It provides an ongoing base for club support, increases the opportunities for teaching and learning valuable life skills, and expands the potential for interesting and exciting 4-H programs. Active, involved, supportive parents mean active members, additional resources for leaders, a thriving 4-H program, and expanded support for a community’s youth development. Since the parent is traditionally the keeper of the family calendar, they may need to help keep the member aware of meetings, outings, and events.


A 4-H Club is only as strong as its families.  4-H is built on the involvement of kids, parents, guardians, families, and volunteers.  


We know you all have talents and skills that would help make our club even better.  Have a hidden talent?  Love helping plan a particular event or the June picnic?  


We’re collecting your skills, passions, and preferences to help make sure everyone can be involved where they are most interested.

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